Replacement Bulb for Verilux Lamps



Verilux CFML27VLX (CFML27VLX10K) replacement bulb

CFML27VLX (CFML27VLX10K) replacement bulb for most Verilux Lamps

CFML27VLX Verilux lamp replacement bulb. Verilux 27w natural spectrum replacement bulbs are energy efficient and long lasting. The CFML27VLX produces bright white light similar to natural daylight. The full spectrum white light delivers high contrast and very accurate color rendering and color separation. This bulb and all full spectrum reading lamps produce much less glare than ordinary "yellow" incandescent bulbs.

Verilux Replacement Bulb - CFML27VLX

The CFML27VLX (CFML27VLX10K) is a 27 watt fluorescent bulb built to the highest standards. It lasts 10,000 hours, up 5x longer than ordinary bulbs. The CFML27VLX fits all standard Verilux desk and floor lamps, including:

Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp
Original Deluxe Floor
Desk and Clamp Lamps
Portable Lamp
EasyFlex® Floor Lamp
Modern, Princeton, Princeton Executive Desk Lamps
Princeton Floor Lamp
HappyEyes® & HappyEyes® Deluxe Floor, Desk and Clamp Lamps
Oreck 3-in-1

Verilux CFML27VLX light output is correlated with a color temperature of 5700 degrees kelvin. The Verilux CFML27VLX has a color rendering index of 85 CRI. The rated lamp life is 10 000 hours and utilizes a 4 pin design. CFML27VLX also fits lamps from Sharper Image, Bell and Howell, and Oreck 3in1.

Varilux item number cfml27vlx (cfml27vlx10k).

Another great way to get full spectrum light is by using a Verilux HappyLight (Verilux Happy Light). It provides 10,000 lux of bright white light.

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